WHAT'sIN 專門為個人、家庭提供新鮮而美味的驚喜水果禮盒並直接送貨上門。 我們選取來自法國留尼旺島的時令熱帶水果及來自西歐(法國,西班牙和意大利)的有機認證時令水果來準備驚喜水果禮盒,因為我們相信補充維他命的同時,又帶給你驚喜,何樂而不為呢!我們更使用循環再造及可分解的物料用在包裝上,避免使用塑膠。

WHAT’sIN specializes in delivering surprise fresh fruits baskets at doorstep of families, individuals and corporations. Baskets are composed with premium, organic and seasonal fruits from Western Europe (Mainly from France, Spain and Italy). We believe everyone should access to fresh, tasty and healthy seasonal fruits at a reasonable price. Because having a vitamin refill goes well with having fun, we compose our fruit baskets with WHAT’sIN season! Packaging is made from recycled and biodegradable materials, thereby avoiding plastics.