Lamma is a beautiful place for us humans to live - and, for some of the other animals, life is good also.  But some animals live pretty awful lives which not only makes them miserable but forces them to become a trouble to the community.  Several species sometimes come to our attention but the vast majority of our work is with dogs and cats.  They do not have the ability to survive satisfactorily on their own in our modern world. Each one of them needs to be found a good home.
We run several programmes to achieve this - all based on our Welfare Centre.
We have the dream that if we can make these programmes work on Lamma, then they can be copied throughout Hong Kong and maybe even on the Mainland.

  • Our Centre just up Back Street (go along Main Street to the Y2K Corner and turn left) serves as a meeting point for volunteers and the general public. It also generates funds by acting as a thrift shop.

  • We rescue and find homes for abandoned and abused animals.

  • We educate individuals and the public in Responsible Pet Ownership.

  • We promote low cost desexing of dogs and cats in order to prevent unwanted litters which are the root cause of most of the problems.

  • In conjunction with the SPCA's Cat Colony Care Programme, we trap, neuter, release and give long term care for Lamma's colonies of street cats.